Large multinationals with presence in multiple countries often face the challenge of reducing their payroll processing costs. Since payroll is governed by the country’s statutory and industry regulations, it is important to ensure compliance and avoid fallouts arising from inaccurate computation.

Ramco HCM offers a unified payroll processing system that enables companies to run their entire payroll on a single platform. Coupled with integrated HCM functions, this eliminates the pains of distributed vendor management, data management and consolidation. Designed with powerful capabilities on exception handling, the solution allows configuration of policies, based on parameters that can be fine-tuned easily to meet ever-changing business demands.

Exception riders can be set up by company, department, position, employee type and other organizational attributes, thereby automating complex payroll calculations. Ramco Global Payroll comes with the option of in-memory capabilities using Ramco Minnal— a path-breaking optimization engine. Using in-memory processing and advanced optimization techniques, the processing time for thousands of employees are reduced from hours to a few minutes, saving precious computing costs and improving the payroll cycle time.

Ramco HCM also understands the needs and challenges of a global workforce and the diversity in HR policies, and allows adequately for exceptions handling. Our global payroll covers 35+ countries with new countries being added rapidly. Subscribing organizations can choose from a variety of Talent Management capabilities such as recruitment and on-boarding, training, performance management, e-learning and payroll. The flexible and configurable architecture of Ramco HCM allows organizations to set up their global organization structures with ease.

Being a public cloud offering, Ramco HCM offers easy deployment. All that a user requires in terms of infrastructure is the ubiquitous browser. This, coupled with Mobility, opens up amazing possibilities for a progressive organization. With Ramco HCM, organizations get an extremely cost-effective, subscription-based pricing option, which allows them to pay based on usage. The pricing is on a PEPM (Per Employee per Month) basis. An organization will only have to pay monthly subscription costs, and will not have to invest on making the HCM application available to its employees. There are no upfront investments on Hardware, Licenses, or Services Costs, no recurring AMC and support costs, and no expenses on upgrades.