There are several different types of PCBs according to their usefulness: 1 side PCB (commonly used in electronic circuit such as radio, TV, etc.) PCB double side (ie both sides of PCB used to connect components) and PCB multi side (PCB part outside or inside used as media Conductor, for example in PC circuits).

Printed Circuit Board - At its inception in the late 80s, the rapid prototyping process was largely inaccurate and the choice of materials and technologies was limited. Back then, a prototype served as a basis for discussion but could not be used for anything "serious", i.e. in a real production environment. Since then, accuracy has improved significantly and so has the range of applications and software solutions.

The famous Magics software by Materialise is the ideal solution for driving efficiency throughout your entire Rapid Prototyping process. From importing data to preparing platforms, RP professionals rely on the extensive tools in Magics for all of their software needs.

Complementary to Magics, our revolutionary Streamics™ product provides you with a user-friendly server based system which centralizes all of your customer project data, and which makes it easy to collaborate between your team-members and communicate with your customers. ..

Streamics™ can also help to automate repetitive or complex part operations (such as support generation, file fixing, and part labeling). Plus, there is a perfect and complete integration between Streamics™ and Magics.

Material 3D 3DMT specializes in metal additive manufacturing and the key component of the technology is material. With a long history of powder metallurgy in ARC Group, this experience transfers to 3DMT with metallurgists on staff, on-site material testing capabilities and heat treatment knowledge.

Metals: Aluminum – Alsi10Mg, Alsi12Mg,
Titanium – Ti64 (Grade 5)
Stainless Steel – 17-4PH, 15-5PH, GP1, PH1
Maraging Steel – M-300, MS1
Inconel – 625, 718
Cobalt Chrome

ABS – M30, ABSi (translucent)