Classroom action research (PTK) is a practical research that is intended to improve learning in the classroom. This study is one of the efforts of teachers or practitioners in the form of various activities undertaken to correct or improve the quality of learning in the classroom. Consciously or not a teacher often carry out classroom action research (PTK) in the presence of reflections made after implementing the learning in the classroom and make improvements at the meeting learned berikunya just not write and created a paper for presentation or seminar in the official forums.

classroom action research (PTK), which has been presented in the seminar in the official forums and endorsed the competent institutions of credit points can be used as a condition of promotion for a teacher. Since one of the requirements in the new regulations for the promotion of civil servants (PNS) a teacher that has done and establish a Scientific Paper include statements Action Research (PTK).

This time we shared set of classroom action research (PTK) for primary school teachers (SD), which may be the father and teacher mother needed as a reference to conduct classroom action research (PTK) in school. we hope the article and a collection of classroom action research (PTK) we share useful and can be used by the father and mother of primary school teachers (SD)