One of the agenda of each semester on the education calendar is the implementation of a midterm (UTS) or another term often called mid semseter. Midterm semseter (UTS) conducted in mid-semester and when the learning materials have been resolved half of the overall indicator on a semester program. Midterm semseter (UTS) is carried out in accordance with the calendar of scheduled educational or implemented independently by subjects in accordance with the schedule of subjects that lasts. Implementation of midterm semseter (UTS) is carried out on all units penddikan including at the level of elementary school (SD). Implementation midterms (UTS) aims to measure the ability of competence of learners during the learning process meikuti half semseter. The results of midterm semseter (UTS) is probably the best value of the divisor for calculating grades participant students.

Many things need to be prepared for the implementation of the midterm semseter (UTS), one of which is the exam. Problem in the midterms (UTS) must include all indicators of achievement and learning objectives contained in the lesson plan (RPP) on a learning device. Making midterm exam (UTS) charged to the subject teachers of each GCC would be additional tasks other than teaching in the classroom provides pembalajaran material.

This time we share exam questions amid semseter (UTS) to the level of Elementary School (SD) grades 1 to 6, which may be the father and mother of teachers needed. Hopefully useful and helpful father / teacher looking UTS reference questions.