The success of a teacher in educating students is the ingenuity of students in science as evidenced by the thoroughness of learning outcomes or exceed the KKM has been determined, but it also formed the character and good behavior .

Guidance counseling (BK) is a subject that plays an important role in the formation of character and behavior of students because of all the attitudes and behavior of students while in school environment and dlihat development supervised by teachers BK. Counseling not only focus on students with problems but overall ranging from the best students in the achievement to the students who most violations / deviations. And no less pentinganya in the curriculum of teacher assignments BK 2013 increased by one point, namely business specialization to senior high school students. Although the implementation BK teacher did not say hello and give the material directly in front of the class, but a counseling teacher should interact with all students to carry out various programs that have been designed in an RPL (Service Implementation Plan). Many work program to be implemented during a school year or one semester that aim to deliver services (counseling) in shaping the character and behavior of students with specific strategies and approaches. Everything is made in a work program counseling (BK).

Here we share the work program counseling ( BK ) to the curriculum in 2013 that might help ease the work of the father / mother of teachers in making the work program BK . Please be shared with peers the same need . May be useful