Implementation Guide KKG MGMPs - learning activities for teachers participating in KKG / MGMPs will be conducted in at least 16 sessions (face to face ) each having 4 x 50 minutes , coupled with tasks that are structured and independent . Of the 16 sessions to KKG consists of : 6 meetings are the first teachers of participants and then the teacher guides conduct the study using books Material Self-Study Generic , and the next 2 meetings to learn the Materials Independent Learning ICT , and in 8 times its next meeting later learned using the Self-Study Materials Sector Study.

1. Face to Face Learning Activities
Face to Face Pattern Learning Activities ( KBTM ) made ​​to KKG each as much as 16 x meetings . Each meeting lasts at least 4 hours ( 4 x 50 minutes ) . 16 x KBTM meeting can be arranged to be carried out over four months , a semester , or a year , according to the needs . Overall , this learning process is based on classroom action research approach is usually combined with Lesson Study and case studies are mixed to become a Learning Model . Specifically , for each meeting face to face , it is used in a student- centered learning approach that emphasizes active learning aspect of the participants .

Implementation Guide KKG MGMPs

2. Implementation Guide KKG MGMPs Structured Learning Activities (KBTS)
Learning structured activities carried out in the workplace or in the teacher's home, each of which is based on structured tasks that have been provided in the Independent Learning Materials. The results of each KBTS must be documented neatly inside the workbook by each participant, so it can be a learning model portfolio. At the end of the activity, this portfolio will be assessed in use to obtain a certificate of participation in Learning Model and to obtain transfer credits from LPTK or credit points are used for promotion. Structured work for disciplines that include: writing case studies of learning used to formulate the problem in learning, develop an action plan, action learning, observational learning, conduct joint reflection on learning has been done based on the observation, critical reviews on learning resources, preparation PTK proposal, for the preparation of the PTK.

3. Self-Study Activities ( KBMD ) The Independent Learning activities carried out by each teacher and in line with KBTM and KBTS , based on the directives given to Independent Learning Materials , and this is also based on the needs and the initiative of individual teachers. KBMD include:

a) Reading a variety of learning resources that are provided, or book a suitable source that is located in the school library or other libraries in their respective regions .
b ) Perform the exercises using a variety of equipment ( eg, using ICT )
c ) Discuss with peers, community leaders , parents on education , especially for students membelajarkan effort .
d ) finding sources of learning via the internet .

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