Learning Device Master Curriculum 2013 - The success of a teacher in educating students or learners is expected to meet these objectives required a thorough preparation . Therefore before teachers teaching ( preparation ) a teacher is expected to prepare the material to be taught , preparing teaching aids / parktikum to be used , prepare questions and referrals to lure students actively learn , to understand the situation of students , identify the weaknesses and strengths of students , and find out knowledge of the beginning of each student , it will all be described implementation in the learning device .

Learning device is a device used in the learning process . Therefore , every teacher in the educational unit is obliged to draw up the learning that takes place in an interactive, inspiring , fun , motivating students to participate actively . Whatever type of curriculum used in the educational unit of a duty of every teacher to make learning devices before they face the students or learners in the classroom teaching and learning process . In the year 2016/2017 to use the curriculum in 2013 .

curriculum in 2013 , k - 13 , kurtilas or that he converted into national curriculum . whatever the name or term it is still difficult for teachers to understand much less to run . Why? when it was often the teacher training or training to learn the curriculum . teachers are trained to make the learning tools that lead and in accordance with the curriculum of 2013. even teachers often discuss and even argue about this curriculum .

most teachers still do not understand how to make the learning curriculum of 2013 as many changes to the content and learning tools while also frequent revisions in the preparation of the learning device . not too familiar with the revision of the early - arriving tiiba no further revisions . many teachers complained about this and hope that this curriculum is canceled and not carried out in their schools . but even if teachers insist on denying , this curriculum will still be implemented even if gradually .

Actually, the components contained in the 2013 curriculum makes no difference to those in the curriculum SBC . But what distinguishes them is the changes contained in the standard of competence and basic competence , it is menyebaabkan changes in preparation of the syllabus and lesson plan ( RPP ) in 2013. As well as curriculum assessment instruments to the curriculum in 2013 a little more complicated because many aspects to be rated a kompetnsi knowledge , skills and competence competence attitudes and assessment is based indicators of student achievement .

for teachers who make learning device fabrication curriculum in 2013 following heavy and complicated we share the learning device 2013. The curriculum this case to facilitate the teachers who consider this to be difficult . teachers only need a little editing while studying the learning curriculum so that at the beginning of 2013. The new pejaran later teachers have prepared for the new students and also with the learning device that is ready to be signed principals .

Thus the article that the author made about the learning curriculum for the school year 2013 2013. Hope you can help teachers and helpful :)