Indonesian Education System Between Problems And Solutions - Of the many problems of education in Indonesia, then dibutuhkanya solutions that fit so that no problems of education in the country of Indonesia. In addressing the educational issues that needed several agencies that will assist the government in improving the quality of education, filtering cooperation in obtaining funds for education, garner some support to the education, the better. Intermediary institutions that work with governments, community groups and the private sector to improve the quality of education in the country of Indonesia jointly liable because education is a shared responsibility. To improve the quality of education in Indonesia, the agency held a mentoring to teachers and give appreciation to the teachers who creatively.

Mentoring held with the aim to enhance creativity, professionalism and competence of teachers through mentoring model of the form, workshops, seminars, consultations, practice and training. This mentoring is done by gradually and continuously supported by the government and by some stakeholders. The council also joined by educators, the public and other parties for the delivery of their aspirations on the government to improve the education system in Indonesia. With these institutions in improving the creative expect some form of educational curriculum that can be accommodated and also the government to consider the idea of society in the policy can be made.

To improve the leadership skills of teachers, school administrators and principals, the agency held an advisory to realize a reliable management in schools. How that is done in the form of workshops, consultations and training to the staff, teachers and school leaders. For the management of the school are required to carry a school that has led to progress and achievement as desired. The intermediary agency can also help school management in developing cooperation with several related to obtaining funds in the development of school infrastructure. In addition, the agency could also raise funds obtained from the sponsor in the improvement of school buildings in which nearly damaged in a remote area. Support social institutions, society and several press agencies kesadran serves to increase the importance of education through the dissemination of information. Thus, the agency has a duty to improve the support it by working together with the social institutions, the press and the public. Thus information about improving the quality of education in the country of Indonesia can be distributed easily.

Teachers play an important role in education. Even the Spirit of true education is the teacher's shoulders. Both the poor or the success or failure of education is essentially in the hands of the teachers. Because a teacher has a strategic role to carve learners that are smart, skilled, knowledgeable and morally with national education goals. Thus the Indonesian education system.