Teachers as education milestone - Education is an investment for a nation in an effort to produce a generation of people who can compete and transform the nation into a nation suatau to uphold the norms, values, and science. Teachers have a very big role in education, the teacher is not just a profession but a form of devotion to the nation. The teacher is an important figure in the world of education. The teacher is a barometer that can change the behavior of students through learning activities. Capabilities, interests, talents and potentials of the students can not develop optimally if without the help of a teacher. In this case the teacher must pay attention to students individually, because each has a different learners. Thus, the role of the teacher is very dibutukan so that learners do not consider the difference that they have become an obstacle in education but making it as motivation for them. Because basically the teacher is a figure that is versatile and omniscient in providing knowledge to the students in a manner consistent with the development of the students.

In addition to be a barometer for the students, teachers also become a barometer for the community because all tindakanya can be used as guidelines in making policy. By karen, teachers should be able to master social psychology and has a knowledge of the relationship between humans, have the ability to work with the community, and can adapt well to the local community. Therefore, if a teacher makes a mistake then they easily come under fire from the surrounding communities who end up damaging the good name of all the teachers in Indonesia. Because, for the people of the teacher is a person who became an example for life. The formation of the teacher as a milestone in education requires a process that must go hand in hand in order to create a teacher who has character and personality. The initial process of a teacher is whether there is a "calling" to be a teacher, because if one is not called to be a teacher, she was a teacher but not a real teacher. Teachers must have a goal to prepare the nation who have quality.

f a teacher has a good personality , then he will be a good role model for students and the community , so the teacher a person who deserves to be imitated his attitude . So , kepribadianlah and broad knowledge that determines the success of a teacher . Personality characteristics of a teacher who is successful in their profession include the disclosure of psychological and cognitive flexibility . Cognitive flexibility is a way of thinking and action that is simultaneously suitable under certain conditions . In addition, a professional teacher can also be seen from the mental attitude and commitment to improving the quality keprofesionalnya using various means and strategies . Teachers should develop themselves according to the demands of the times so that the presence of the teacher will always provide professional significance in carrying out his profession as a teacher . Thus as a milestone review on teacher education