Pros and cons of curriculum implementation in 2013 -

Curriculum 2013 has the objective to improve the students' activity . In this curriculum , students with more emphasis unruk be the subject of learning . Curriculum assessment standards in 2013 is different from the curriculum SBC . Because of this curriculum aims to make students active , then one penialainya depend on the active involvement of the student as asked. In addition to student activity , other components required for the assessment is the process of student learning and the observation of the students in addressing a problem . In addition , the student's ability to solve the problem is also one component in the assessment . Last component is the students' ability to communicate via multiple presentation subjects.

But there are pros and cons in the implementation of the curriculum of 2013. According to experts, the educational curriculum is only suitable for certain students , like those who come from families that are. In fact , the implementation of this curriculum has the intention that the existing method in international schools may also be felt by all schools in Indonesia . Curriculum 2013 will be difficult to implement in all schools in Indonesia . For many schools consists of students from the upper middle class , the curriculum can be run in 2013 , but the school has students from the class instead. Curriculum learning strategy in 2013 is already applied in international schools and schools run by foundations or individuals in Indonesia and the result was as expected . Namu , in Indonesia are still rare international-standard schools . In addition , there are still many problems related to education , such as the quality of teachers , number of teachers , school facilities .

Many of the impacts that occur due to the replacement of this curriculum . According to teachers, curriculum implementation in 2013 reduces the learning focus for the incorporation of lessons bebarapa to 1. Though not all teachers are able to master all the material . In addition , teachers need adaptation long enough to change the curriculum . Actually, the SBC has been acceptable because each school has to know the condition of students and sekolahanya so as to seek methods / learning strategies accordingly. If the application of the curriculum could not achieve the desired target for 6 this year , the government should not need to replace it with a new curriculum but are evaluated and addressed.

Another point of the curriculum in 2013 were the teachers do not have to load up the syllabus for learning for students as at the time of the SBC. Finally, many of the problems that will emerge as the emergence of Student Worksheet ( LKS ) that do not comply with the content. This is because the ability of teachers for assembling exercises for students is limited so LKS be the only option . Thus , some of the pros and cons in the implementation of the curriculum in 2013 we need to know .