Current National Education System - Indonesia is a country that quality of education is relatively underdeveloped when viewed with other countries. This happens because at Indonesia's education system can function optimally. For this reason, it must be educational condition can be corrected so as to give birth to the new generation has advantages for various fields so that this nation can compete together with other nations so that these people do not even continue to lag because in this era of globalization. To be able to reorganize the nation's education system is in need of the modern education system so as to compete with the evolving changes. This improvement can begin by doing perubaha of basic education first, then secondary education after the Indonesian higher education so that education can be put on the education system is a pattern of policies to fit the circumstances of the Indonesian nation.

The future of the Indonesian nation is highly dependent of the quality of education that produced well their students are competent in all areas of education . Current national education system we can create with education on a new first family touched the community education and education at the school. An education in schools should thank all the people for the appropriate education system we can follow this era of globalization in order to catch up with other nations . But for that era are still some who have not been able to get education due to the limitations of economic factors .

For Indonesia's national education system today should be immediately followed up with a variety of educational systems or the systems are also infrastructure. In Indonesia itself consists of several primary education, also on secondary education, and education for college. At this time the role of governments to begin to improve the quality of the education system in Indonesia to create a policy in the policies of the then change the system. Education in Indonesia is using the national education system so that it becomes the system of open education, and the education system oriented towards value, also the education system in Indonesia is so diverse, if the education system can be adapted to the changing times also the education system in Indonesia to more effectively so more efficient. To be able to run the education system, the government can make a variety of education systems to the compulsory nine years so devoted to the learners. To be able to change the curriculum for a long time be adjusted according to the situation on the current educational system, to improve various facilities and infrastructure, in order to evaluate the performance of educators qualified to create graduates who are competent to be able to compete internationally.