SNMPTN 2016 - In the last year of enrollment for students in grade 9 SNMPTN senior high school running without any charges both for scholarship applicants viewfinder or non grantee mission bidikmisi (regular registration). But in 2016 there was an issue that states if SNMPTN be revoked by the government. But the truth of it is still just the news and there is no certainty related to it. However, if we look deeper, the policy of the government related to SNMPTN paid on the value of many parties have violated the law. The Act will be violated if the policy of this government remain enacted is the Higher Education Act No. 12 of 2012. Since the legislation is clear that the prospective students who will enter the higher education organized by the national government is without charge. And you should know well, this fee applies to all incoming participants either through writing or undagan. For this reason that strengthens if SNMPTN 2016 Fixed Internet due to realize SNMPTN policy should pay through the revision of Law first.

This is reinforced by the Rector of Yogyakarta State University ( UNY ) who explained that amending the Act only aka spent because the process in the House will be long . This is not to mention it harder when there are demands from the public regarding the free SNMPTN , because in its laws clearly no entrance fee charged . Although the committee SNMPTN Kemenristik only executor of Higher Education , but not until tertdapat regulations contradictory to the existing Law . therefore SNMPTN 2016 Fixed Internet and if you want to change it then inevitably the government must also merefisi rules.

Starting from October yesterday SNMPTN committee has started work and is expected by the end of December has been no decision on this polemic in order not protracted . Because krtimbang must mefikirkan counterproductive issue is better used to address issues that are more important and productive others about the world of education in Indonesia . Although such subsidies are not many in number , but since in gratiskanya SNMPTN high school graduates / people who want college also increased. Besides free SNMPTN inviting students achievement is its own appreciation of the government to students who have more achievement and it means the country through the government also participated attention to those who have the potential to make more advanced nations . That is a description of the reasons why SNMPTN 2016 Stay Free . Hopefully this information is useful to you , so much , and thank you !