As we head into the rector , the library until laboratory . Not only nice views , the building is uniquely designed so that it can make students can comfortably learn . Can study at a college with a campus building that has a unique and modern design , or even have a very beautiful natural scenery is a proud thing . Here is a list of campus buildings are unique and modern design :

1. Makassar State University ( UNM ) tower design Pinisi

UNM characteristic takes from concept pinisi . Yu Sing and design work for the first team be the highest building in Indonesia using fa├žade systems Hiperbolic paraboloid . Building 17-storey tower lights blazing in 12 colors , representing the number of faculty at UNM .

2. University of Indonesia ( UI ) design The Crystal Of Knowledge

I central library was built on 2.5 hectares of land and an area of ​​33,000 m2 . The library has about six million collection of books can store up to 10000 readers at once . On the ceiling is decorated with the park , and the bottom floor filled with facilities of Korean restaurants, cafes , as well as hot spot areas . Properly crystals , the building is designed with various parts sticking and irregular . In the development process done within six months of the funds spent Rp170 billion

3. Universitas Padjadjaran ( Unpad )

Overtime Awi design concept of " Overtime Awi " Yogi Yogama Suhamdan used in designing this building . This thought created , bamboo can be a versatile material of construction materials to the culinary . There are two designs were used that broom ties designs circle and a model house on stilts made ​​with modern design . The building can be operated in early 2012 and uses two bamboo garden landscape design is also landscape of rice fields and villages .

4. Multimedia Nusantara University ( UMN ) design New Media Tower

Gray building igloos exactly can save energy up to 53.25 kWh per year per m2 . The savings made ​​on the 12-storey building which is produced through a variety of architectural models . Application of double skin facade with aluminum panels can reduce heat by up to 70 percent , and can save the use of air conditioning . The walls are porous with a diameter of each hole is different , with certain calculations to get the maximum light . While super foam mixed with concrete to make wall was cooler and can muffle the sound

5. Universitas Bina Nusantara design Natural Binus

Silk With an area of 60 m2 , 22 floors of the building can be filled with 40 classrooms and laboratories applying the concept of zoning order , a healthy environment and also saving energy. Using LED lights and air conditioning , an elevator that effectively save electricity consumption .

Similarly, some information related to building a campus that has a unique and modern design that we could share in this occasion . Hopefully can add to the information that you have had before .