Scouts Indonesia - National Kwartir of the Scout Movement has signed an agreement of cooperation with UNICEF to improve the protection and increase the welfare of Indonesian children . And agreements were formulated through a Memorandum of Understanding was signed on the atmosphere commemorating 25 years on the Ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. And cooperation of both institutions includes three things are: the protection of children , improve the welfare of children , particularly in the sectors of health , water sanitation , and nutrition and also the use of social media for a means of delivering the aspirations of children were positive and constructive.

Besides the cooperation agreement above will be signed by the Chairman of the National Kwartir derived from the Scout Movement Indonesia , namely Adhyaksa with UNICEF Representative who is a representative of the State Indonesia named Gunila Olsson the opportunity Scout Expert & Executive Forum held in Jakarta , Thursday's dated 26 november yesterday .

And both have agreed in order to strengthen the protection at the same time respect the rights of all children in Indonesia and has been realized in the form of cooperation on areas of priority program by the Scouts and UNICEF .
Chairman kwartir Adhyaksa has also confirmed if the signing of the cooperation agreement to include one of the measures and will be made with the aim of ensuring the rights of Indonesian children must be met.

Besides the Scouting movement is also very interested in ensuring the rights of children, as it is part of the learner main one of which is Scouting activities, which must be protected and must always be upheld.

And through the momentum, the Scout Movement will also continue to promote safeguards for the rights of children and ensure all children the freedom of expression and also ensure Indonesian children completely healthy and prosperous.

In addition kwartir chief scout has also confirmed if it is important and urged a firm stance against various offenders who target mainly children present. And according to the Scout Movement also includes a container for the formation of the mentality of the nation who must support efforts to safeguard the future as well the lives of children of this nation.

This is because children, including the future of the nation. And this may include one new idea or (evil child for extraordinary crime), but its presence is very important in order to save the life of this nation's children. All the people also have to support with all elements of the nation so that the children feel protected. While UNICEF Representative representing Indoneia named Gunilla Olsson also feel very happy because of the signing of the MoU, as the scout movement, including scouting along with members of the largest worldwide. And all because the Indonesian Scouts until today many members.