What's new in Teacher Competency Test ( UKG ) in 2015 ?- Companions educators , according Kemdikbud , UKG measure two of the four competencies of teachers are professional and pedagogical competence . The overall competency of teachers including social competence and personality measured by assessing the performance of teachers ( PKG ) . In the 2012-2014 UKG Participants are some teachers who want certified , and undergo a competency test based subjects. While in 2015 UKG participants are all teachers are enrolled in basic education data applications ( Dapodik )

UKG 2015 towards a qualified teacher is it possible ? in learning the most important is how a teacher can convey the material to the students , for teachers , and how the costs incurred only to see the value ? back to all teachers registered in dapodik , but in some schools are still many teachers who can not participate UKG since no name while the Administration actually registered , it must be checked again by Kemdikbud because there is no clear and not under the terms follow UKG 2015. In this case, ask the government to follow up why so many teachers who can not participate this year UKG