Recruitment CPNS 2016 only prepare formations for certain positions only. Namely education , health , and law enforcement . If any of the other technical personnel , but is devoted to a particular functional position .

"If the general functional position sepe RTI administration staff would not be recruited. Because it's too many, "said Deputy Assistant Policy Coordination , Preparation , Evaluation and Development Program Human Resources Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform ( Kemenpan - RB ) Dayanto Bambang Sumarsono to JPNN ( source: Group) , on Tuesday ( 10/11 ) .

As for high school graduates , Bambang added , although chances remain small . This is to fill the power formations in prison warden . " The graduates of this school should be a plus , so his skills there . The guards force the heavy duty, " he said .

Earlier, the government formulated to force guards and the civil service , education minimal D3 . The reason is , the higher education level are more adaptable and keep his emotions when dealing with inmates and the general public . However, this policy can not be implemented because there are many areas of its human resources are limited level of education