National Exam enrollment Through 2016 Dapodik - Registration of candidates national exam in 2016 will use Basic Education Data applications ( Dapodik ) . Similarly, the provisions contained in the Technical Guidelines for Data Collection Participants National Exam 2016

Menu Data Students Dapodik contained in the application , will be a reference in screening potential participants national exam . This provision applies to the educational unit (read : school ) started junior high , high school and vocational school.

Departing from these provisions , each unit of education is expected to soon check the completeness and the data kemutaakhiran learners. Among the items of data that needs to be examined is the personal identity of learners , National Student Identification Number ( NISN ) , and data of parents of learners . NISN verification and data validation can be done through page .

Meanwhile , data verification stage learners as potential participants national examinations can be done in UN Management page at the following address : 1 ) Unit Basic Education ( elementary and secondary ) : 2 ) Unit of Secondary Education ( high school and vocational ) :

gambar jadwal pendataan UNgambar mekanisme pendataan UN 2016

The next stage , each unit of education submit the results of the verification data file -level national examinations candidates end , the national examination committee which is in the district education office / town . While the national exam committee regency / city will process the file ( sent ) to the committee of national test center through the application of BIO - UN to become a national test participant data .