Teacher competency test conducted in the network ( online ) or online takes place in 477 districts / cities throughout Indonesia . SMAN 6 Surabaya became a competency test ( TUK ) for the implementation of the UKG online . The first day deploy . UKG at school was going well and smoothly . Minor obstacles encountered during the implementation may be addressed in accordance with established procedures .

Operator schools in SMAN 6 Surabaya , Abdul Aziz said the wave 1 and 2 UKG on the first day , Monday ( 09/11/2015 ) , there are no significant obstacles . When there is a mild constraint , can directly be addressed in accordance with standard operating procedures ( POS ) . "For example, earlier there was a computer that is not connected to the network , participants then moved to another computer and continue the test. There is no need to repeat the matter from the beginning because of questions that have been answered previously been stored in the computer , " he said at the Computer Laboratory SMAN 6 Surabaya , East Java , ( 11/09/2015 ) .

Aziz said the first three days of testing the competence of teachers at this school attended by kindergarten teachers . " Most of the teachers of the young kindergarten , so no trouble using the computer. It's just that some are old and are not comfortable using a computer mouse , so it is taught to use a keyboard , " said Aziz . He said , how to answer questions in the implementation of online UKG was prepared in two ways , namely using the mouse or using the keyboard . For teachers who are not accustomed to using a mouse , can ask the guidance of the officer in TUK to use the keyboard . Computer keyboard in TUK also been prepared only a few buttons that can be used in applications UKG .

Some teachers who met after a competency test claimed to have no difficulty in operating a computer in UKG application . "Thank God well," said Adelia , a kindergarten teacher mutual assistance in Surabaya . He said , this time the implementation UKG UKG better than before. Because the UKG before, namely in 2012-2014 , he must follow the UKG in TUK away from his teaching . " If that is a region , not far away , so no need to leave for long hours of study , " he said .