How fate Teachers Honorary Category 2 2016 - Is it really bad news for the honorary K2 . Because the government to cancel the appointment of honorary K2 be a civil servant in 2016 . The decision was taken because the government did not have the funds to raise about 430 thousand honorary K2 ." Budget appointment of honorary K2 does not exist. Because of a very large burden on the state , let alone having to pay the salaries of civil servants that 4.5 million people , " said Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform ( MenPAN - RB ) yuddy Chrisnandi , Monday ( 2/11 ) ,

He added that the government has requested an additional budget of Rp 28 billion . Of that amount , a total of Rp 16 billion will be used for the completion of K2 honoree . Unfortunately , the budget was not there . " We will make every effort to fulfill the agreement with House of Representatives Commission II . Hopefully there is a bright spot , " said the Hanura Party cadres . He added that the government must make efficiency budgets because state funds are very limited . If the lift honorary K2 , the burden countries will increase

We all certainly hope that there are still considerations regarding the appointment of honorary dibatalkankannya two categories because the funds have been spent on disaster smoke.