What it UKG? - UKG abbreviated Teacher Competency Test is a test to measure the activities of basic competence on the field of study ( subject matter ) and pedagogic in the domain of content Teachers. Basic competence fields of study were tested in accordance with the certification field of study ( for teachers who are already certified educators ) and in accordance with the academic qualifications of teachers ( for teachers who are not certified educator ) . Tested pedagogical competence is the integration of pedagogical concepts into the learning process of the subject areas in the classroom.

UKG mandatory for all teachers in both positions of civil servants and non-civil service teachers . UKG implementation involves various agencies , among others BPSDMPK - PMP , LPMP , and the District Education Office / City . That all agencies involved in the implementation of UKG have the same understanding of the mechanisms of implementation of UKG , it is necessary compiled detailed information on the implementation mechanisms UKG in 2015.