Regulation of the Minister of the Department of Teacher About Clothes - Father and teacher of civil servants ( PNS ), which I respect. As information is already circulating on the Internet , especially social media namely the issuance of Regulation No. 68 Year 2015 on the second amendment of the ministerial regulations in the country number 60 of 2007 on uniforms civil servants dl within the department of interior and local government, the blog of education justifies information is based on the information I've read on the official website at the address:

Civil Servants ( PNS ) very different from military personnel, such as police and army . Military personnel wearing uniforms is necessary because uniforms became one of the symbols of rank . So , it seems on the shoulders , chest , and cap some of the attributes as a marker kepangkatannya . By looking at the attributes , we can immediately identify the complete military officer with the rank and unity.

Teachers are always dealing with pupils since early childhood / kindergarten , elementary, middle , high school / vocational . Teacher dealing with children who have not been able to understand the meaning behind the uniform . For children of school uniform is necessary for three reasons. First , in order to avoid kastanisasi social classes . If any free student dressed , of course, it can be bad . Students who come from poor families would feel embarrassed because her clothes are not changing as more friends .

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Secondly , the uniform can be used as a medium to build a culture of discipline . With the imposition of uniform , of course, schools can monitor the child discipline . In the end , the mental discipline of children was established. Third , students sociable fellow students because of the ease of knowing his identity . Each uniform is certainly equipped with attributes as the identity of the agency . This is the importance of uniforms for the children.