news Kemendikbud Celebrate Birthday Golden SEAMEO - Indonesia celebrated the golden anniversary of the Organization ASEAN Education Ministers this year . The 50th anniversary of the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization ( SEAMEO ) will be held at the Ministry of Education and Culture ( Kemendikbud ) starting today , Wednesday ( 10/07/2015 ).

Deputy Director for Resource Management SEAMEO RECFON , Miranti Martin said , this golden anniversary will be held in the form of educational exhibitions , international seminars , awards , and launch a number of new programs . The event was held under the theme '50 Years Partnership Regional Education for Sustainable Development.

" During this period , SEAMEO has contributed much to the development of education in the countries of Southeast Asia , including Indonesia , " said Miranti through Kemendikbud his press conference in Jakarta on Tuesday, October 6th, 2015 .

" Through this celebration , we want to introduce and demonstrate the achievement and contribution of Indonesia's participation in the SEAMEO for 50 years. Also the initiative as well as our new innovations and how people can participate in and support the regional cooperation , " he added.

SEAMEO education fairs will be held for 2 days , Wednesday to Thursday (7-8 October 2015 ) at the Plaza Building A Kemendikbud , Senayan , Jakarta . In the event that will be introduced 6 SEAMEO both excellent programs in the field of tropical biology , distance education , food and nutrition , as well as centers of language teacher education , math , and science