Guidelines UKG 2015 - Teachers have a strategic position in the intellectual life of the nation. The declaration of the teacher as a profession by the President of the Republic of Indonesia on dated December 4, 2004 , to strengthen the role of teachers in the implementation of education . Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 14 Year 2005 on Teachers and Lecturers explicitly mandates the coaching and teacher professional development on an ongoing basis as actualization of a professional educator . Profession development Sustainable performed for all.

Associated with the program, mapping competencies in detail describe the objective conditions of teachers and an information important for the government to take a policy related to materials and coaching strategies required by the teacher . map of teachers can be obtained through teacher competency test ( UKG ) . target program strategies to achieve the target RPJMN years 2015-2019 , among others is the increasing competence of teachers and education personnel visits of Subject Knowledge and Pedagogical Knowledge Expected will have an impact on the quality of student learning outcomes . Therefore to RPJMN measure achievement , then in 2015 will UKG implemented for all teachers in Indonesia .

This document is intended as a reference for both the organizers UKG Central , provincial , and district / city and all parties involved in UKG implementation . To all those who have helped in the completion of this guide , we would like to thank you of magnitude.

gambar pedoman UKG 2015

UKG routinely been conducted since 2012 for teachers who will follow teacher certification . Beginning in 2015 UKG routinely conducted to measure the professionalism of teachers . The goal is to determine the level of competence of individual teachers and teacher tenure map on pedagogical competence and professional competence . implementation UKG focused on identifying weaknesses in the control of teachers pedagogic and professional competence.

UKG 2015 will be followed by all teachers in both teacher positions Civil servants and non-civil service with a number of species that will be tested is 192 subjects / class teacher / packet expertise / BK . acquisition UKG results in each teacher to be part of the assessment teacher performance , therefore, in accordance with the principles of professional teachers will follow UKG on subjects in accordance with the teaching certificate and education of teaching . In addition, the results of UKG also used as a material consideration in granting policy program development and teacher professional development and provision respect and appreciation to the teachers.

UKG implementation of the various agencies involved in environmental peperintah central and local governments . Feasibility and success UKG implementation is very dependent on the implementation team UKG in each linked unit . Therefore, to all the institutionsmUKG is involved in the implementation of a common understanding on the basis of implementation , UKG implementation mechanisms , and procedures standard operating UKG , will need to establish a complete information on the preparation and implementation of UKG 2015 in one UKG implementation guidelines .