Best Graduate College Passes Civil Servants ( PNS ) Without Tests - Minister of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform ( PAN - RB ) yuddy Chrisnandi ensure every best graduates from major universities certainly qualify as civil servants ( PNS ) without testing . " We opened a special lane for best graduate , cum laude winner is guaranteed to qualify even civil servants , " he told reporters at the State House Grahadi , Surabaya , Wednesday ( 10/28/2015 )

According to him , students who graduate with a high GPA is a human resources ( HR) superior to the unlawful wasted because it can help improve the performance of civil state apparatus . " For instance , I read in the media there are the best graduates from the top universities that moment I ordered the Deputy HR seek it , as well as institutions which offer the desired entry to join, " he said In addition, it invited the rectors communicate with her if there are outstanding students with proven best value . " There is no test for them , but only administrative requirements .

 There is always a place for young achievers career in government , " he said . Not only that, this time the central government has a scholarship program Education Fund Management Institution ( LPDP ) , namely the achievement that will educate children recruited into government employees . " The scholarship program is new this year LPDP and their education to later become civil servants, " said the politician Hanura . 

 It also asked people not easily trapped by unscrupulous or anyone who offers recruitment of civil servants with lured some money ." I guarantee a clean civil service recruitment process of nepotism , including having to pay . People have to know because it is definitely a lie , " he said .