Data Dapodik Invalid Operator Should schools Vervalpd - Dapodik operator responsible for the data that is fed and do Verrifikasi and Validation and error correction data so that the data which will write in diploma becomes Valid and verified as well . When an error occurs that causes confusion , it should as a fellow penganggung responsible and sources of data , Operator Dapodik coordinate with each other , not blame or seek out sources of error , because wrong is the system , ranging from system administration of residence , to a way of thinking people who still less concerned with the population administration

With the data management system -based online education is DAPODIK expected in the future will affect various aspects concerning the administrative system in various fields . Indeed today, with what is being built , it took struggle and sacrifice , especially system VervalPD online just entered year 2 ( two ) , and still far from perfect , but , if undertaken with penuih responsibility and mutual support amongst data manager education , Hopefully will lead to improved

I appeal personally , Let us learn and work together , Interlace communications more closely so that any problems can be solved in a good way too .