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The new version 4.0.0 Dapodikdas applications undergo considerable change. It is based on the information that I wrote of Mr. Joseph Rokhmat Admin center, the latest news that we all know that the release of fourth-generation applications on 30 July 2015, but until now has not been updated on the web dapodikdas. Perhaps many of fellow school operators are still waiting when the release.

To eliminate the confusion friends for too long waiting for the birth of dapodikdas 4.0.0, here's the answer Rokhmat father Yusuf, a friend to all related questions. "please be patient my inbox is full, so do not ask again. still 22 hours of being born, all parties are still working marathon, status: 95% progress, clean up minor bugs"

The following list features Changes in version 4.0.0 Dapodikdas Applications and important for us to know together. Hope it is useful
  • Improvements: Widening Columns Registration Number Guru (NRG)
  • Updates column Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Form School in School
  • Updates Hobby Field in column Registration of Students
  • Stuffing updates ideals in the form Registration of Students
  • Updates Field No. National Certificate Examination Results for SMP in the form Registration of Students
  • Stuffing updates Participant Numbers National Examination (UN) for the SMP Un in the form Registration of Students
  • Stuffing updates diploma Serial Number Registration form Students
  • Modules Special Services School
  • School Inclusion Program Module
  • The column "description" in the table Infrastructure
  • The "Specifications" in the table Means
  • Menu Download List learners out
  • Disabling stuffing in the form of latitude and longitude school
  • Module adds new learners / mutations online
  • Locking Name, NUPTK, date of birth, mother's name and gender on the data PTK
  • Locking Name, the National Student Identification Number (NISN), date of birth, mother's name and gender on the data of teachers and (PTK)
  • The addition of the reference curriculum of the school of education cooperation Unit (SPK)