These new task Toward School Academic Year 2015/2016 - School Operator task is actually not a task that must be done by fellow school operators. It's just here as a fellow operator would be better if the schools remind each other and share a bit of the positive experience so that later we do the job more effectively so that the data we send to the center really valid in accordance with the actual situation both school data, PTK and learners. I think is very useful for us to prepare this operator tasks begin now, and following the details:

At the time of Acceptance of the new Educate participants (PPDB) create the conditions in accordance with the data required for entry in dapodik that later colleagues stayed undertake any residue on the website verval pd. following some important files should be included as a new registration requirements Learners

  1. Family Card Reviews
  2. Photocopy of diploma Reviews
  3. Print out the National Student Identification Number based on the results verval on the Reviews
  4. Birth Certificate
  5. For the data validity TOD files that need to be prepared as: SK Naik Rank, periodicals, and other data changes

Additional Info
1. Make sure the operator Laptops school clean of viruses and if necessary do Reinstall.
2. updating the letter of assignment Operator New School in World Human Resources and the PDSP Kemdikbud If the operator replaces the old one, please Re-registration.