SK Publishing Policy Benefit Teachers Still Remains Referring to Dapodik - Friends and friends of the school operator who I respect. As we know that the policy for issuance of a decree (SK) Allowance Still Remains Referring to Dapodik application and there are no other references. So, if the data is still problematic, read and understand it and then immediately correct his mistake by Dapodiknya only and do synchronization so that changes to the admin system management center of various kinds of allowances pptkpaudni (early childhood) P2TK Dikdas and Dikmen.

This is...

  1. Learning data still refers to the dapodik for the second semester of the school year 2015/2016
  2. The curriculum refers to the establishment of the Education Minister about the schools that implement Curriculum 2013 and the education unit level curriculum (SBC) for this semester
  3. Teacher Performance Assessment (PKG) a requirement Profession allowance, the responsibility of inputting values into the system PKG P2TK charged to the superintendent of schools (not the operator of the school)
  4. Definition of special areas specifically refers to the Regional Determination by the Ministry of Rural Development
  5. For Teachers Variable area should submit an annual contract or a physical sk 2015 employment contract signed by the head of the region and a source of income comes from the salaries of local expenditure (APBD)
  6. Inputting the division of teaching hours should be sought Valid from the outset because no longer accept the proposal unlock the table the number of teaching hours