Official Documenting Sources Dapodikdas Ministry of Education and Culture- Data Basic Basic and secondary education (Dapodikdas and Dapodikmen) would seem to be the only source of official data for the center. This is certainly a tough task in the school operators accountable for the validity of the data sent to the central school. That's why I personally hope that we can overcome all the problems associated with the application dapodikdas, dapodikmen, vervalpd and so on. Whenever Applications Dapodikdas update to the new version, I think this is proof that the center shows seriousness in obtaining data which is really valid from each school. some cases occurred in earlier application versions, for example the difficulty of synchronization, a lot of duplicate data, among the data in the application and delivery progress on the website not appropriate.

Dapodikdas 3.00 version is still a lot of co-operator experience any problems such as double data can not be deleted, periodic data columns do not appear, trouble repair name and date of birth of students as well lock the table in the process of changing the national student identification numbers (NISN) is wrong on the site Verification and Validation of Students (vervalpd). All cases are referred by the technical team of the center to be more thoroughly in the application relase Dapodik. After the publication of version 3.0.1 Dapodikdas there are still cases experienced by the operator, for example the difficulty in moving data learners and educators Personnel new to the main table. To overcome the center gives advice to synchronize as many as three times. But on the other hand, application updates dapodikdas version 3.0.1 makes the operator of relief. They can make improvements name and date of birth is wrong without going through the process of verification and validation of data learners (vervalpd).

The info from one of the participants Dapodik technical guidance and vervalpd in Bogor "Roosalina BienYo" in a posting via facebook status. He conveys information from the carrier material father Yusuf Rokhmat center team said:

  1. DAPODIK be the only data of the Ministry of education and culture (Kemdikbud) since we inaugurated by the vice president Mr Boediono on October 15, 2014
  2. Early 2015 School Operational Assistance (BOS) will be taken from the data dapodikdas. He says "it tap hammer (legitimate and authorized bargaining no longer)