The new 400 version dapodikdas application is reportedly going to be released on 15 July next. For that friend These schools have already started work such as preparing a file which will be at the entry to the application. I think it would be better to prepare before 3:04 Dapodik Patch released on 15 July. Just a reminder, here are some important files that you have to prepare.

Any important document for entry into application dapodikdas generation IV?

1. File register new learners class alphabetically last name etched Student Identification Number (NIS) of the school. While the data refer to the birth certificate and the number of Parent Family taken from the family card. Try to Avoid copy of the registration form because of frequent errors.

2. File a list of six classes of alumni who had just graduated along with the serial number of diploma and Certificate of Examination Results (SKHU). if it may need input

3. File List Master Class / Guardian Class to arrange the division of tasks and their homeroom at study group Odd Semester Year two thousand fifteen leading to the school year two thousand and sixteen

4. File list of new facilities and infrastructure that will be added to the input menu on the table infrastructures four versions.

5. School Registration Number if it may be necessary to open the first dapodik. But usually when a patch form, do not need to register anew. God willing, when the time comes we as Operator School had no trouble finding the data.

6. If Some use the facilities Reception Students New On-line through the website belonging to Pustekkom ministry of education and culture, it will most likely be integrated in dapodik 3:04 version, so the friend Operator Schools do not need to re-input the new students again How Easy is not it? State education has facilitated the spirit of free / cheap. Greeting one data.