Data relationship Dapodik And National Indicators for Educational Planning (NIEP) - Data Dapodik be the only source of reference data taken by the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemdikbud) in the 2015's. Therefore, the more valid the data sent to the school through the application dapodikdas PDSP, then the data is summarized into a set of indicators that describe the profile of education ranging from early childhood education units, Basic and intermediate

The Website is in charge of collecting data throughout the educational unit known as the National Indicators for Education Planning (Niep) which you can visit directly via the following address: . The function of the Niep is to determine Whether the data is already flowing from the server to the Data Warehouse dapodik "Niep" in the form of indicators and variabe. (source: PDSP)

For now the website Niep ministry of education and culture still under development processes data from the Dapodik management. In this case the data is sent through the school operator dapodik application will affect the profile indicators in the educational unit at the district / city, provincial and national levels automatically.

The possibility in the future we'll work as school operators will increase two. Namely verval learning process and checks the data warehouse via dapodik to Niep. And what about us? is able to work in my opinion has a great responsibility. Perhaps the answer we return to the perceptions of each person