Dapodik 2015 - Ministry of education and culture (Kemdikbud) already has his name simrasio-based online system that can show maps dapodik advantages and disadvantages of teachers per subject ranging from school level to the district level, the district / provincial to national level. How many teachers retire how many teaching hours per teacher to how many teachers who do not have a watch. We've been socialized to the rest of Indonesia and we told each socialization services provider signed an integrity pact in order to report to his boss about sim this ratio.

If not reported, the leaders were obliged asked the staff assigned to, what you were taught at the center. But if the same carrier is the same leadership sim ratio consequently saved their warehouse. The organization also led many officials of the operator please ask the kicker sim ratio. If you do not know what it means the answer is clear that given the mandate by law to appoint and organize the teachers do not care about the same duties.

Not centers that no data and no effort. Or maybe that makes a statement does not follow the progress of data collection Kemdikbud or follow but because no expert so do not get it. Then do not comment that is not his forte let alone receive more info from not understand. This is all based on the intention of participating Kemdikbud control the growth of teachers who are always appointed by the district / city so that the number of teachers by 24-hour workload and fairly in school itself and teaching focus. Kemdikbud control but by reason of the constitution adopted district continues. When was the completion of such words Karto tuyeng. Hope you can understand us clean up after a clean no stealth thistles thistles spread again.