Dapodik And thee Affairs Select Where?- State you my opinion one of the good data collection system to develop the knowledge of teachers and education in the sciences Technology (IT). The reason I argue like this, because PTK and led Educate participants independently for entry clicking the data related to their interests. However, not all schools are able to implement a self-contained system is due to many factors were the reason for example Internet connection problems, lack of IT knowledge, and most importantly, too much data is done because there is Dapodik. While we know for dapodikdas application itself is the only source of official data which will be managed by the Kemendikbud for various purposes such as channeling funds the School Operational Assistance (BOS), Indonesia Smart program (PIP), help poor students (BSM), and program other education. Until now the ministry of education and culture has a lot to develop programs that connect directly with dapodik like verval pd, verval sp, verval PTK, PIP, PTK information and so on. with the system whether to issue data dapodik still in doubt?