Admin PDSP Explains About Verval PTK - Site Verification and validation of teachers and education staff (verval PTK) in fact can only be accessed by admin / operator collection agency, then why school operators can now login and perform verval?. It may be a question that there has been no answer and clarity, whether it includes the task School Operator or not, because there is no direct notification either from the admin office and admin PDSP. for friends who want to know the school operator tasks associated with verval school operator PTK, here I write is based on answers from Admin PDSP

Mr. taufik lone as admin PDSP, through their social media accounts on a comment he says "school operators have access to Verval PTK website, but only access data repair each individual school and the subsequent approval process is on the Department of Education as admin operator PTK verval including who upload PTK SK-SATMinkal

Hopefully, the answers submitted the PDSP admin related tasks can enlighten what it should be doing school operator PTK verval site. If you think this information useful, please pass it on to friends the other school operators. thanks