Download Dapodikdas 3.0.4 (plan) - This is the time of application activity Schools operator dapodik latest version released by the Kemdikbud. a lot of problems and issues when they want to get the latest patches say it like the link can not be opened. Well, it is certainly going to slow down their performance, so must wait until the link can be opened and applications can be downloaded smoothly.
Update: info Dapodik 4.00
gambar aplikasi dapodik 3.0.4
The case is of course not only felt by one or two operators schools, but in nearly every area feel the same case. In response thereto, and reduce this problem there are times when friends need a little school operator using a strategy that is currently downloading the latest version of the application you do not need to complain because of this problem.
So what are the tips or ways that can help us when the site dapodikdas down because too many visitors? Here is a solution that I normally do.

1. Diligently Dapodikdas Website Opens

Clever base diligent, those were the words that we often read. Therefore diligently to open or access the official website dapodikdas will make you know when the update application in release so that when the application on your release need not wait for information from friends OPS others and can directly download process smoothly as a result of course, because not all operators who opened the site on a regular basis.

2. Upload File Application To The storage site Dropbox or Google Drive

If you have managed to get the latest version of the application file dapodikdas, then it is time you help lighten the workload of the other operators is to save the file to the online site. There are so many file storage sites that can be utilized such as Dropbox, Mediafire, 4shared and others. The point when there are colleagues who have difficulty downloading you can provide a download link that can be accessed so it can be useful to them.
Well, maybe it's just a short article about tips Download Application dapodik when the latest version was released. If there is writing sentences that are less pleasing please understandable, because I just belaajr writing. Thank You